The majority of these “migrants” are fleeing countries being threatened by the Islamic Terrorist organizations. Rather than stay a fight them, they run for cover. But once installed in a host country, their Islamic beliefs are again raised, and a new country is under siege from Islam. If it’s not stopped in it’s tracks, every country will undergo it’s own torture from it’s own band of internal terrorists.

The US is no exception, we have Islam staring in our face every day from Muslim immigrants. Sure, some are great people and adapt to life in our country, but others are trouble makers and must be singled out, just as we would with ANY immigrant who refuses to abide by US law, rule and custom. But when they invade by the thousands, how do you accomplish that goal??

It is my belief that Islam LOVES to see this mayhem occur, and wants to see every European country overrun by their immigrants, and hopes the new America, with its SC new government will do the same.